Say Goodbye to Baby Boy Blues: 5 Ways to Dress Your Kid in Gender-Neutral Clothing

Did you know that baby boys can’t wear pink? Or that yellow is a no-go for boys because it’s a girl’s color? These are the kind of ridiculous rules you might have heard before when it comes to dressing your child in neutral clothing. But fortunately, the 21st century has come with more enlightened views on raising children and putting them in clothes they like to wear isn’t just an option anymore. And thanks to the internet, we now have access to all kinds of information that was previously much harder to find. So if you’re looking for tips on how to dress your little boy without being told what he can and cannot wear, read on!


You can start saying bye to your baby boy blues.

You might be familiar with the ‘blue for boys and pink for girls’ rule. Sadly, this is a very common misconception that is often instilled in parents as soon as they announce they’re expecting a child. When parents are told that they can’t dress their boy in blue, they start to believe that they are suddenly restricted from dressing their child in any color but pink and yellow. This is why many parents start to panic when they discover that they’re expecting a boy. But luckily, no rule says you can’t dress your baby in blue, red, or any other ‘boy’ color. There are plenty of reasons why parents should dress their baby boy in neutral-colored clothing from an early age.


Dressing your baby in gender-neutral clothing is a great idea.

If you’re expecting a baby boy and you’re panicking because pink is supposedly a ‘girl’ color, relax! Neutral colors are a great option for dressing your baby boy because you can easily dress your child in neutral colors for his entire childhood. Dressing your baby in neutral colors will allow you to easily mix and match any future outfits that your child grows into. You can also use neutral-colored clothing to create matching outfits for multiple children. If you’re expecting a baby girl and you’re worried about dressing your child in pink or other ‘girl’ colors, the same applies. Neutral colors are great for your baby girl and can be mixed and matched with all of her clothing.


Here’s why dressing in neutral clothes for baby boys is smart.

If you’re worried about your child’s clothing being too colorful, neutral-colored clothing is the perfect solution. Neutral-colored clothing is almost always unisex, meaning that they are suitable for both boys and girls. As a parent, you might need to shop for your baby in the baby section of your local store. But the good news is that almost all clothing in the baby section is unisex.


5 Tips for Dressing Your Baby in Neutral Clothing

When dressing your baby in neutral-colored clothing, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that you’re buying the right size. Babies are little and grow quickly, so it’s important to buy clothing that fits your child at the time you’re purchasing it. Secondly, try to buy clothing that has a looser fit. Clothes that are slightly on the bigger side will allow your baby to grow into them as time goes on. Thirdly, choose clothing that is easy to mix and match. This will allow you to create different outfits for your child with fewer pieces of clothing. Fourthly, make sure that you buy clothing that is made from comfortable fabrics. You want your baby to be as comfortable as possible, so you need to choose fabrics that don’t itch, scratch, or irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Fifthly, consider buying pieces that have multiple uses. A pair of pants that can be worn as shorts, or a top that can be worn with leggings or jeans can extend the life of your purchases.


3 Pieces of basic clothing every baby boy should own.

- Shorts - Shorts are a very practical piece of clothing for your baby. They are great for warmer days, and they make diaper changes easier too, as they can be easily pulled up and down.

- Trousers - Whether a pair of jeans or chinos, trousers are a great item of clothing for boys of all ages. And they can be worn with almost any top you own, making them extremely versatile.

- Shirts - Basic shirts are another must-have basic piece of clothing for baby boys. Whether you choose a plain t-shirt or a more patterned shirt, shirts are a great option for any occasion.


Mixing and Matching with Basics Doesn’t Have to Be Confusing or Hard

You might be worried that you won’t be able to mix and match pieces that are traditionally used for one gender with pieces from the other gender. But don’t worry! With basic pieces of clothing such as shirts, pants, and shorts, you can mix and match them in multiple ways. You can pair trousers with a t-shirt, or you can pair shorts with a shirt. You can also mix and match tops with bottoms and vice versa. You can even mix and match colors if you want to!


Neutral Shirts, Shorts, and Trousers: A Great Starting Point for Both Genders

Boys and girls are individuals, and they should be allowed to express themselves through their clothing. With neutral-colored clothing, your child can wear what they like without having to abide by silly gender rules. And you can rest assured that you’re providing your child with comfortable, practical clothing that is easy to mix and match with other pieces.