A rental revolution for kids clothing.

“”We only get a handful of decades on earth, I’d rather spend that time doing good than perpetuating bad.” – Tim Silverwood”

Little Clocks is India's first children clothes rental subscription website. We exist to offer a sustainable living by spinning your child's closet. You can undoubtedly get rid of the extra garments in your home with upselling or rotating them with us - you only have to return outgrown garments when it comes time for the next size! 

Our Story

Your child's clothes are likely to grow out of them in a couple months at most. This is where Little Clocks comes into play, by providing children’s clothes for rent so that you don't have to buy new ones every month. As a parent, I know how difficult it can be when your baby grows faster than they should-blink and they're pulling themselves up in the cot! The clothing we find beautiful might not last more than two months with our kids before it needs one size bigger or has been grown out of altogether. That's why Little Clocks exists - as an alternative way to dress your kid without needing to purchase new garments all the time because their old ones were too small. I believe dressing your youngsters should be a carefree and fun experience. It shouldn't make you feel regretful, poor or focused. You have the option to get clothes in your child's size when they need them- not two sizes up like most Indian parents do (because that is what we are all used to). In addition, because children grow so quickly we should also be able to dispose garments easily without feeling guilty about throwing them away every few months. It was my feelings on this topic which brought Little Clocks into being as a business - I'm sure there are many parents who feel exactly the same way about buying baby clothes; hence we became what we are today: India's first children’s clothing rental service for those wanting an eco-friendly option when starting families.

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Our mission

Little Clocks is here to help parents stay on top of the cost and time-consumption associated with baby clothes. The best part about this service? It’s easy in terms of affordability, as well as when it comes to what to do with outgrown clothes . Most importantly, we believe in circular fashion and wanted to find a way to prolong the life cycle of each garment while also reducing waste so that it's gentle on this earth. We invest in high-quality clothes from sustainable brands worldwide, then increase their lifespan by passing them onto multiple families - clothing which could no longer be rented will instead be used elsewhere or recycled so that as much textile waste can be reduced without adding any more into landfill or incineration. At heart of this business is the well-being of all children - your babies and mine alike! The future belongs up for grabs for them; we have responsibility over giving them a better planet than our own one was left with when we were growing up. The goal isn't keeping these things circulating forever but just longer than they would if every household had bought its items separately.

Benefits Of Renting Out Clothes

Guilt free, hassle free, and save money too. 

No storage nightmares.

No Unused items.

No Stress of outgrown closet.

No Stress of making kids wear unfitted clothes.

You can choose a monthly price plan. Then, build a wardrobe from the selection, and package is delivered to your door. The cost also includes insurance and returns, so there’s no need to worry about wear and tear, just keep the clothes for as long as your baby needs (or fits) into them. a range of plan sizes there's one for every budget and lifestyle. Choose a plan that best suits your needs 


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