Our Story

The idea behind Little Clocks was born when My daughter seemed to outgrow her barely-used garments in a split second, while the closet just kept piling up. I found it hard to get hold of exactly what to  look for when buying, and it was time consuming. So was the process of trying to sell the clothes on to others.

As a mom, I’ve had the blessing to witness how quickly babies grow. Blink and your baby who was just a newborn yesterday is pulling herself up in the cot. Blink again and she’s tottering around the house!We believe in circular fashion and wanted to find a way to prolong the life cycle of each garment.

While this is one of life’s miracles, it also means that baby clothes, no matter how beautiful, were outgrown after just a couple of months and had to be stowed or given away. Parents are all time-stretched, and inevitably some clothes would be thrown away to make space for bigger ones.


This way of clothing our little ones is simply not sustainable.


So, we are here to offer a solution. Little Clocks helps parents as it’s easy on the wallet and you don’t have to worry about what to do with outgrown clothes. Our organic and ethically made clothes are gentle to our babies’ skin. Most importantly, We believe in circular fashion and wanted to find a way to prolong the life cycle of each garment and also reduce waste so that it's gentle to the earth.


Each Little Clocks bag rented will save


24,300 litres of water


9 kg of CO2


1.8kg of cotton

We invest in the best quality clothes from sustainable and ethical brands worldwide, then increase their lifespan by passing them on to multiple families. Clothing that could no longer be rented out will be used again elsewhere or will be recycled, so that as much as possible they don’t add to textile waste and be incinerated.


Because growing up shouldn’t cost the earth


At the heart of this business is the well-being of all children – your babies and mine. The future belongs to them, and we have the responsibility to leave them a better planet to thrive in.