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Baby's Pre-Loved Branded Clothes, Toys Or Accessories

With Little Clocks you have the opportunity to earn easy cash by selling your Child's branded pre-owned fashion merchandise or toy and other belongings at great prices. You can now choose to Sell your products and take money right away or opt for the Consignment Model and earn a lot more.

How To Sell

Growing up, kids go through about 900 garments during their time in youth. Yet just 12% of discarded clothes are reused every year all around the world. At Little Clocks we help this cycle by giving new life to your child's unwanted clothing and belongings. Quality goods were made to last longer, so they shouldn't be disposed of after all. As parents it is our responsibility to allow them a second life and extend their lifespans instead! Selling pre-loved things can take quite some time - from clearing out your child's wardrobe down to sorting through the assortment of items that come with children like toys or accessories - which can prove hard even for the best sellers in any room! Our site is here as an aide for pre-owned children’s clothing and other goods so you can sell more easily.

Self upload

1.Quick and easy
2.Empty your closet
3.Upload your items
4.You set up the price of each item you sell, with 15% going to us when we ship it for you.
5.When an order is made, our system sends a notification to notify that the shipping box or envelope needs to be delivered on time so that customer can enjoy their purchase as soon as possible.
6.You get all profits from selling items online

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Little Clocks Service

If you're a parent looking for some extra help with your responsibilities then this might just do the trick!
1.We're hassle-free!
2.We pick up your clothes and goods from you, then bring them back to our warehouse for washing, sanitizing and photographing.
3.All enquiries will be answered by us on behalf of the seller until they make a purchase decision - this is all done through messages so it's easy breezy! We'll also photograph your products before we ship them off to the customer (yep gotta keep things tidy)
4."Unapproved" clothing can either be donated or returned at no cost; lead time is 2-3 weeks after upload completion - please excuse us if we take longer than that :) We take 30% commission from every sale

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